Kamis, 13 November 2008

How to Install Vector Linux 5.9 Gold

I am going to go step by step on how to install Vector Linux 5.9 B1 Live. As always I take no responsibility for what happens on your computer. Here we go!

1:download the ISO Image from ftp://ftp-osl.osuosl.org/pub/vectorlinux/veclinux-5.9/iso-release/
2:burn to CD
3:restart your computer
4:click enter when the computer has booted
5:click enter again to start the installation process.
6:use your arrow keys down to the start and click enter
7:It will ask if the cd is the right one,click yes.
8:go down to install and click the enter key.
9:go down to FDISK, click enter.
10:if you have an existing partition table go with the bottom one but right now i do not so i will go with the top one. click enter, Click enter again,
11:the installation takes you to a place to partition your drive. go over to new click enter, enter again to create a primary partition, enter in the amount and click enter, the enter again to make the partition bootable.
12:click enter on write. type yes and click enter, click quit.
13:go to the first option click enter.
14:go through steps 4 to 8. Now click install click enter and go down to install and click enter again.
15:Go down to the second option and click enter. go down to ext3 and click enter, then click enter on the first option.
16:if you want all of the three options click enter, enter again, and yes enter again.
17:Vector linux begins to install.
18:after a while the screen turns blank, press the shift key, again after a while press the shift key and as if there wan’t enough shift click you have to do it again again shift.
19:click enter after the installation is done, it checks the installation. click enter 4 times and 3 more times, pick your timezone, pick your mouse type click enter a few more times again more clicking of enter.
20:Go down to the GUI Desktop and click enter.
21:Set root password, set up a new user, type in password for new user, go down to done, click enter twice.
22:You are done installing. Happy Linux Using.

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